life is

When we say the word express, it brings an ocean of thoughts in our mind. It brings a tornado of emotions. 

It brings a mixture of feelings that somewhere we all are familiar with, but are just afraid or say, do not allow ourselves to accept it and hide it in us. We think that will make us look stronger. That is correct. Everyone of us wants to be correct in all the aspects of life and we should be even. At last this is human nature, to feel correct, right,strong…always. No matter what, we are never going to tell anyone about our real emotions and how we are feeling. WHY? Because we know that not everyone can understand us and, there is no need even for everyone to understand us. There is a saying by very famous Indian poet who lived under the reign of The Great Akbar, Khanzada Mirza Khan Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana aka Rahim. 

“Keep your grief in your mind. People will just make fun of you by listening to them, but nobody shares the grief.”


I know that everyone of us knows that…correcting…”almost everyone”.

But we also know that there must be someone somewhere with whom we can share everything we feel, we know, we care and not for. Simply just everything. And that person is the one. The person with whom you should share everything, tell everything, talk about everything. That person is your partner. Your partner in everything and will always be your partner in everything. What you both have to do is…EXPRESS. Because that is the person who will be affected by your griefs, and will never in his/her life will make fun of them. The person will really care about you…and you too will feel it with time. You will see the change…that how from not letting your feeling’s out, you just keep on blabbering about them without even a second thought in your mind…just when you are around that person.

You will always feel flawless, the perfect soul in this whole universe when you are with that person. When you express and the person facing you just simply understands everything and keeps on appreciating, correcting you and your thoughts. You will start realizing that you are a better person from what you were yesterday. The power of expression is such my friends.

You will become a person that always wants your other being with you, so that there is an endless chit-chat going on throughout the day. There is an endless exchange of thoughts taking place the whole time. You will understand each other in the best possible ways, and will explore the corners of each other which never were till date by anyone. Not even the person himself/herself. The comfort zone just keeps on increasing and there is no stoppage, blockage or anything that can ever harm you in anyway. WHY? Only because you know that you wills always express what you feel and it will simultaneously lead to a solution with ease and no complications.

You will love the way you are living and will always enjoy it. You will attain the peace of mind that every living soul in this universe craves for. You will be at peace.

 The ultimate peace of mind.



24 thoughts on “EXPRESS

  1. Hmmmmm?
    Very interesting…
    I’m the type of person that is open minded…


    Even people who have everything are hurting inside!

    They can’t trust nobody..

    Samething with the other side…

    I don’t judge no one…

    The only reason I don’t talk about my problems….

    People tend to throw them back in your face when there is a disagreement…

    And more…

    Even to black mail or minipulate you…

    (I’m a horrible speller… so what… lol)

    But me…

    I exept everyone for who they are…

    I always will…

    If I talked about my truE problems though…

    Ill be facing a list of indictment charges…

    For real…


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    1. That is what I have written that people will always make fun of your griefs. And it is very true that people throw them back at your faces whenever there is a point of disagreement or they see that our point is somewhere pointing to the negativity in them. We should be very choosy when it comes to share our problems with someone.
      Thankyou for coming by and reading. 😊

      Liked by 3 people

    2. Sir these insecurities dwelling within you should be dealt with very wisely. People tend to keep on hiding their feelings in fear of ridicule but end up harming their ownselves instead of protecting. So please open up to all the people closer to you and if your judgement comes by wrong then just use a method ‘Listen and forget’ .
      Wish you best in life.
      Thanks for your visit to the blog.
      Keep reading😊

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