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A contact that brings a full-fledged smile every time it flashes on my phone’s screen. Isn’t the feeling super awesome. Indeed, it is. Being in hostel which is equal to being away from the parents for the first time make us realise what paramount importance they have in our lives and how hollow it is […]

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Self-awareness Onion

imagine 3Sitting on the sofa in the academic block makes me think and at the same time, imagine how I want my life to be 5 years down the lane. Imagining myself to be working in a MNC tomorrow, driving in my own car to the office (which reminds me to learn driving first…hehe) having my own cabin, some files on the desk that cannot be forwarded without my signature, and then finally I get to sign on it (which I have been practising from years).  WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE IT MAKES! The butterflies in the stomach, the color flushing to the face make me want to fly high, do everything in my control to turn it into reality making my near and dear ones look at me and be proud of what I have metamorphosed into.

Just imagining and thinking about these things make me jump into the air, works…

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It’s all in the ‘WORDS’

Self-awareness Onion

Undoubtedly, isn’t it?  Words are nothing more than the alphabets of a particular language combined together which helps us in communicating externally as well as internally. Words which, we learn from the society around us, our flourishing mother tongue, words that helps us in picturing things because of the meaning attached to it, words that ESSENTIALLY MAKE US WHAT WE ARE!

Aren’t the words the prime components that take us to vast heights, whose ‘collection’ categorizes us as an expert, an accomplished virtuoso or a rank and bumbling amateur.  Its vast influence in our life starts from the time we are born till the time we breathe our last. Our intellectual quotient is measured by how much we EXPRESS which only happens through words.

Yet, the only thing we don’t pay attention at, are words. How our words affects others, how every syllable holds utmost meaning, how a joke for…

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WOWness in PAIN!

Self-awareness Onion

Isn’t the title a bit absurd? It is, indeed. It is because all our lives we are taught how to escape from pain, what all to do under the sun so that nowhere in life one ever has a face-to-face interaction with this pathetic sounding word.

To stay miles apart from this feeling, we start doing everything under our control to stay happy and make everyone close to us happy by pampering them with gifts,our time ,our love thinking they will never encounter pain. ALAS!! Is it happening for real? Are we able to safeguard them from pain all our lives? For some, pain comes out in the form of losing their favorite toy ,for one refusal from the girl/boy of their dreams, for some not seeing their thoughts turn out in actions or at times, the “actions” they wanted it to be, and many big, small forms of…

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What’s Wrong?


Something tells me that something is wrong with me. But I’m sure in my heart it’s not. I know nothing is wrong except for I don’t really know how to fit into the box of expectations set for us. Does that count? Wish I knew the right answer but when everyone keeps pointing it out maybe it is wrong. Everything rules out being out of the box. But what about people who find that box claustrophobic? Does the world really want them to suffocate to death just so to maintain its reputation? If so that I can’t be the one to judge this self-righteous world for I see myself neither inside the box nor outside,hammering nails into it for a cold corpse.


life is

When we say the word express, it brings an ocean of thoughts in our mind. It brings a tornado of emotions. 

It brings a mixture of feelings that somewhere we all are familiar with, but are just afraid or say, do not allow ourselves to accept it and hide it in us. We think that will make us look stronger. That is correct. Everyone of us wants to be correct in all the aspects of life and we should be even. At last this is human nature, to feel correct, right,strong…always. No matter what, we are never going to tell anyone about our real emotions and how we are feeling. WHY? Because we know that not everyone can understand us and, there is no need even for everyone to understand us. There is a saying by very famous Indian poet who lived under the reign of The Great Akbar, Khanzada Mirza Khan Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana aka Rahim. 

“Keep your grief in your mind. People will just make fun of you by listening to them, but nobody shares the grief.”


I know that everyone of us knows that…correcting…”almost everyone”.

But we also know that there must be someone somewhere with whom we can share everything we feel, we know, we care and not for. Simply just everything. And that person is the one. The person with whom you should share everything, tell everything, talk about everything. That person is your partner. Your partner in everything and will always be your partner in everything. What you both have to do is…EXPRESS. Because that is the person who will be affected by your griefs, and will never in his/her life will make fun of them. The person will really care about you…and you too will feel it with time. You will see the change…that how from not letting your feeling’s out, you just keep on blabbering about them without even a second thought in your mind…just when you are around that person.

You will always feel flawless, the perfect soul in this whole universe when you are with that person. When you express and the person facing you just simply understands everything and keeps on appreciating, correcting you and your thoughts. You will start realizing that you are a better person from what you were yesterday. The power of expression is such my friends.

You will become a person that always wants your other being with you, so that there is an endless chit-chat going on throughout the day. There is an endless exchange of thoughts taking place the whole time. You will understand each other in the best possible ways, and will explore the corners of each other which never were till date by anyone. Not even the person himself/herself. The comfort zone just keeps on increasing and there is no stoppage, blockage or anything that can ever harm you in anyway. WHY? Only because you know that you wills always express what you feel and it will simultaneously lead to a solution with ease and no complications.

You will love the way you are living and will always enjoy it. You will attain the peace of mind that every living soul in this universe craves for. You will be at peace.

 The ultimate peace of mind.


Hear…What Silence Says!


Bearing with the subjectivity of the topic we can all agree that mostly what silence has to offer, carries a universal lingo. Generally when the hush spreads it shows seriousness or regret. But from my observation I see it as the suppression of words rather than lack of ’em.

images (1)

What is it that gets suppressed? Emotion? Yes, to an extent but with that goes into oblivion what could have been said, which could have made all the difference but couldn’t. These supressed words cum silence have such an immense power that could all together destroy or save a relation/job/position or any other context you might find relatable. Such is the power my friends, of this unwanted doledrum that it swallowed countless obstacles- being of prime importance in our lives.

But how can one avoid this grave consequence of ‘the silence’ ? The only way out is to Talk. Find the right person, whom you think is worthy of listening to your inner storms, who will calm them down and most importantly who will understand them. This person if asked, can be anyone from your soul mate to your college mate, from your parents to and of the beings you are close to. And do not judge me my friends but a little dog can also do wonders to your raging hysteria. So hold that person and talk your heart out. Explain them in every possible way how something bothers you. How much you want it to vanish. And how it handicaps all your emotions.

This ‘the talk’ will be the new beginning for you. You will feel free and ethereal. This will be the end of those shackles because as long as you hold onto them they will for sure ruin everything that comes across your path. Encompassing them all beneath your skin to that extent that they shall explode once reached beyond your limit, is not at all a situation to sit and wait upon. That silencing ring you create around you will do more harm than any benefit.


So quit all the gloominess and open that heart of yours. Soak the world with your tears once and after that don’t look back. Focus on yourself. Your well-being, because as long as you keep yourselves healthy, you’ll keep your loved ones happy.

And maybe you might end up making the world a better place.😊👍




This site started as a motivational one but after some deliberations with my co-author we decided to widen the scope of our blog, not only to focus on the motivational aspect of life but also to the various thoughts that cross our mind daily.

Changing the name from “Want some motivation? You seem quite intelligent you just came to the right place.” to “pku TALKS” I will be able to share my thoughts and views on a much wider stance.

Thankyou all for being with us and hope that you will continue to be.

Stay Motivated.

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One of the most debatable topics of the modern period- love- is also one of the single most misunderstood concept. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “An intense feeling of deep affection” and also “A strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone”, the earlier one meaning love that is shared between people and their families and the latter referring to conjugal ties.

Love in my understanding is the mutual feeling between two people who would embark on any path to protect them and keep them intact. Love is what is shared. Love reflects like a mirror for your affections towards a particular person. Love is not always associated with love making,physical/bodily touch but most certainly to the pain that is felt when the feeling of separation arises.

Many of us undertake various measures to find that so called ‘love of life’ but fail to understand that in the process we tend to defy nature’s laws. We come across various instances where we tag each person we meet or tend to like as ‘the love of our life’ and in the end wind up discontented along with lots of confusion and frustations. Honestly,these stay alongside your shadows for most of your life until that one person.

That one person when you realise is love is not when everything suddenly seems to be beautiful but when each of your puzzles get completed. The gap is filled. When he/she fills all your gaps left wide open,unable to be filled by you and you perform the same for them.

It’s not about same taste in material things or about harmonizing opinions but to respect each other’s. Just by the grace of science we know that in a magnet like poles repel, it holds the same for the philosophy of love too.

Love is subjective. No two societies or even individuals may have same opinion about it but deep down our hearts, we all ache in the same melancholy. We all need the same. Love.

Love as a motivation is a rare find and people seldom get inspired by it. This inspiration generally takes a negative form accompanying loneliness. But what we all fail to visualise is the abundance of motivation in love. It is the evergreen source that constantly drives you towards your ambition let alone the destructive feelings. But just ponder upon this that if love isn’t successful in making you successful, then why does this bloody practical world still feels the need for it?



Many of us identify ourselves as not being patient enough or have the calm to wait. But the period of waiting is what generally reflects your true nature.

Success being an important milestone in everyone’s life, hustles people into making frisky decisions,luring them as to not to have the patience to wait for the right moment.

Everyone waits for something in their life. Some wait for money, some for success and some for love.

When people discourage you about being patient and not rushing into seizing opportunities,do not let them lead you off your path. Waiting for something good is nowhere lousy but yes putting all your hopes onto waiting for that something without any effort is not at all lucrative.

A simple saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” So go out there help yourselves, try to make things right and wait for the fruit to bore.

Thankyou for coming and reading. Please follow, like and keep visiting on a regular note.

Stay happy.

Stay motivated.

Keep reading.