WOWness in PAIN!

Self-awareness Onion

Isn’t the title a bit absurd? It is, indeed. It is because all our lives we are taught how to escape from pain, what all to do under the sun so that nowhere in life one ever has a face-to-face interaction with this pathetic sounding word.

To stay miles apart from this feeling, we start doing everything under our control to stay happy and make everyone close to us happy by pampering them with gifts,our time ,our love thinking they will never encounter pain. ALAS!! Is it happening for real? Are we able to safeguard them from pain all our lives? For some, pain comes out in the form of losing their favorite toy ,for one refusal from the girl/boy of their dreams, for some not seeing their thoughts turn out in actions or at times, the “actions” they wanted it to be, and many big, small forms of…

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Hear…What Silence Says!


Bearing with the subjectivity of the topic we can all agree that mostly what silence has to offer, carries a universal lingo. Generally when the hush spreads it shows seriousness or regret. But from my observation I see it as the suppression of words rather than lack of ’em.

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What is it that gets suppressed? Emotion? Yes, to an extent but with that goes into oblivion what could have been said, which could have made all the difference but couldn’t. These supressed words cum silence have such an immense power that could all together destroy or save a relation/job/position or any other context you might find relatable. Such is the power my friends, of this unwanted doledrum that it swallowed countless obstacles- being of prime importance in our lives.

But how can one avoid this grave consequence of ‘the silence’ ? The only way out is to Talk. Find the right person, whom you think is worthy of listening to your inner storms, who will calm them down and most importantly who will understand them. This person if asked, can be anyone from your soul mate to your college mate, from your parents to and of the beings you are close to. And do not judge me my friends but a little dog can also do wonders to your raging hysteria. So hold that person and talk your heart out. Explain them in every possible way how something bothers you. How much you want it to vanish. And how it handicaps all your emotions.

This ‘the talk’ will be the new beginning for you. You will feel free and ethereal. This will be the end of those shackles because as long as you hold onto them they will for sure ruin everything that comes across your path. Encompassing them all beneath your skin to that extent that they shall explode once reached beyond your limit, is not at all a situation to sit and wait upon. That silencing ring you create around you will do more harm than any benefit.


So quit all the gloominess and open that heart of yours. Soak the world with your tears once and after that don’t look back. Focus on yourself. Your well-being, because as long as you keep yourselves healthy, you’ll keep your loved ones happy.

And maybe you might end up making the world a better place.😊👍


Whatever Happens,Happens For A Reason.


At some point in our lives, we all have had the feeling that something is not right. Well people , you’re not alone. The cringe that we feel that a particular incident or situation should not have occurred and we don’t deserve to face it at all. You’re right we shouldn’t have. But let me tell you an interesting observation that these are the very particular moments that lead you to the best times of your life.

I know you all have come to this blog seeking motivation in all its kinds but little a contemplation and some self-introspection does not do any harm , right? Instead going against all the famous thinkers , I personally advice looking into the past and analyzing what went wrong and where? The main focus being ‘learning and redeeming’ ; not getting lost into your own regretful decisions but instead making a better action plan for what life offers you in the next step.  Let us all according to a popular saying ; just go with the flow , but not forgetting to act and living our lives to the fullest.

And that people , is the motivation mantra for today.

Stay happy.

Stay motivated.


Till the time there is something you have, till the time you are getting everything without struggling, you will never know it’s value. Once you start asking, hoping and wishing for a thing and still you don’t get it, you work hard for it, you continuously keep on craving for that thing. Just keep on working to achieve. You get lost in it. Then is the time when you will realize what changes, what struggles, hardcomings you have gone through. That is not the feeling yet! *break* Let us assume that, You got the stuff, the thing, the dream you were craving and deliberately working for. Well, Good! But that is not the feeling yet! You will still want more. You are not yet at peace with your mind. Are you?

Once you realize after working more and more, that what you need is ultimate source of infinitesimal peace and nothing else. You will stop working and start thinking that what you need is something much more worthy so as to achieve that state of peaceful mind!

Here it comes! Just think what if you fail in achieving your goal? You will be depressed. Won’t you? Now go back to the beginning. And think again, did you work hard? Yes you did! Did you work smart? Yes you did! Did you work well and with a constant legitimate effort? Yes you did! Yet all in vain!! Failing does not matter at all! What matters is all that you have learnt during your working programme. You learnt something new. Something of a much more value and worth that you wouldn’t have learnt whilst achieving your goal! This is ultimate peace! Knowing that what you are capable of. Failing and still not getting depressed or low, because you tried, and it is all that matters.

You won’t ever take it for granted because this is YOUR OWN learning. YOUR OWN lesson. You were YOUR OWN teacher in this process. YOUR OWN mentor. And everything that you learnt was, is and will always be YOUR OWN! 

Stay positive!

Keep Learning!



Once a very wise man said, ” Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I may never forget.” Always. focus on the learning you are about to get from a particular topic, the knowledge you are about to get from it and not that will you remember it or not. Always give priority for learning something new and not remembering something new.


Never ever loose hope in life. Because hope is like the flame of a glowing lamp that is having oil in it. The lamp keeps glowing until the last drop of oil is there in it. Anyone anytime may come to put some more oil in tha lamp. Same way in our lives someone must be coming to put some oil it is us who has to give the last push and wait for the person. Because it is never about giving up It is always about living and living and pushing and living!