What’s Wrong?


Something tells me that something is wrong with me. But I’m sure in my heart it’s not. I know nothing is wrong except for I don’t really know how to fit into the box of expectations set for us. Does that count? Wish I knew the right answer but when everyone keeps pointing it out maybe it is wrong. Everything rules out being out of the box. But what about people who find that box claustrophobic? Does the world really want them to suffocate to death just so to maintain its reputation? If so that I can’t be the one to judge this self-righteous world for I see myself neither inside the box nor outside,hammering nails into it for a cold corpse.




A very good morning from India to all the people around the globe.Today I will be talking something about the day that most of us eagerly wait for. SUNDAY!

It is a day that is taken as rest day by almost everyone of us. A day which officially asks us to be lazy as we can, to do no sort of work and just enjoy to our fullest. A day just to have fun and do all the things that relax our mind.

There are some people who will just stay in their bed and do nothing, and some who will not be staying even in their homes all day long and stroll in the streets. Some who will just prefer a soothing music and a cup of coffee, while others a really exotic cuisine. All of us are aiming for the same goal i.e. to relieve the stress which has been accumulated during the working days of that week and to have some “FUN!”, but we all look for different ways to achieve relaxation. Than, there are some people who utilize or I think that waste will be a better term for it, their precious time by involving in activities like a term which is used in our North India “gedi” referring to the so called boys getting a full of a girl by checking her out, molesting and eve teasing her, doing drugs etc. These people are fully aware that these activities are hazardous to their state of mind and body, and unworthy of their time. Not withstanding these negative aspects of inculcating such habits, these people risk themselves and put the healthy environment of a society at stake for these short term desires that might have devastating consequences. This question arises in my mind that why are these people choosing these ways of having so called fun when so many options of entertainment are available to us?

This is because people are unaware about the ill-effects of such activities but the more disturbing part is that even the aware and educated people especially the male youth of today’s “modern” society engages in such activities. Why is this so? This is because they possess a lot of energy in them which they consume by doing such stuff. To all those out there who find fun in doing such stuff, who are always high on their energy, this is a kind request from me that all of you please divert your energy towards a positive cause. You can go to the gymnasium, do some sports and do some real workout instead of trying to prove your masculinity by molesting the female sex. Please utilize your energy and do something that would benefit you and the society as well. Leave the society, just do it for yourself. Sit and think whatever you are doing right now stating as “S(F)UNDAY” how much is it benefiting you?

Ignoring the people who are just resting and having time with their families, you guys are doing the best thing ever. In the end it is the family only that matters. And giving your time to your family there can be nothing much more valuable than it. There is no one, who deserves your time more than your family. GOOD GOING!

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images“As you sow so shall you reap.” 

Everyone among us must be familiar with this great saying from the Bible. Generally speaking, man is responsible for the consequences of his own actions, but man blames the luck for all the wrong doings in the life but forgets, Fortune favors only the brave. 

The first step that can take you towards greatness is – Accepting that you are the whole sole owner of your own actions. Once a very wise man said, “Nothing can go wrong till the time you don’t make it wrong.” There are no mistakes in life just lessons to be learnt. Let the bygones be bygones. As I mentioned before in LESSONS! what life teaches us.


Now, a farmer sows corn, he cannot expect to reap rice! In the same way, you cannot expect to stand first in the races if you haven’t run at all during the year. Take this example in any context or aspect you want, the result will be the same.

No efforts in the right direction ever go waste. Sooner or later you will get your reward. So, work hard, take responsibilities of your actions, own up to your failures and perform your duty as best as you can–only then will you reap the benefits of your perseverance in the form of success and happiness.

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Good evening(A very late one, from India.) Good morning. Good Afternoon and also Good night to all the people in every corner of the world out there, who are reading this.

The one thing, process, a habit or rather say a word that we all are familiar with is the word PROCRASTINATION.

 Procrastination is the avoidance of a task that needs to be accomplished. Rather than avoidance I will use the word ‘delaying’ that too, intentionally. Almost everyone of us out here and there, has at some point in his/her life has said to himself/herself, “It is no big deal. I will for sure finish this task tomorrow.” or “I know this is very easy. I will do it the very next moment. It will hardly take 20-30 minutes for me to complete it.” Ladies and Gentlemen this habit of yours’, rather ours’ is known as Procrastination in the grammatical world.

I will give you all a very recent example. When i say “very recent” it means like an example or a process which was undergoing a few minutes before i started writing this post out here. And that too this delaying activity of mine was continuing from the past 2 days. Each hour, I used to think of writing the blog but was busy so, as a normal person I also told myself that, “It is no big deal. I will take my laptop and do it the very next hour I get free.” And the result is here. The very next hour is here. At last, I did it.definition-procrastination-e1511893228717.png

I constantly kept on thinking about this topic, this habit, of most of us and the question which I came up with was, Why do we procrastinate?

The answer is quite simple and logical as well. We do so, because this is the natural human tendency that, we do something much better when we have pressure on us. The last moment thing, that last minute habit. That last minute pressure of completing a task forces us to focus much well. It gives an energy boost to complete the task in the remaining period of time. We did our job. We are happy. “ALL’S WELL, THAT ENDS WELL!” 👍😊

Now again rewind everything my friends. You got the task. You started delaying it. You keep on postponing. The last moment arrives and you are having all the energy boost, pressure, focus and everything that you require at that moment. But you do not have time to complete it. Let us ignore the time aspect and, for a second let us say that you completed the work. Excellent! But don’t you see the total amount of risks you have taken in the “I will do it later.” process.

What if one of the thing you are doing goes wrong?, because you are under pressure my friend. Have you ever thought of it? No! Because if we had done it, there would not have been any such “I will do it later.” process. There would not have been any delays in submitting reports, assignments, projects, homework, forms and papers. Everything would have been completed on time.

Somewhere or the other we all are responsible for a lot of mess around us. The dirty streets, the undone works, the projects waiting for a touch of our hands, the assignments out there hoping that someday they will be completed before the due date.

In the end when we are unable to do a specific work on time, we simply blame it on others, we find a reason, an excuse that would for the time being procrastinate” the blame from us and save us.

This is all because, we just focus on the present and never think, What would be the consequences of our habit in the coming future? 

If we start thinking about it once, I promise no one of us is going to promise any sort of work to be done in future. Everything will be done there and then at the very moment we get the task. There will be no delays, no lags, no complaints in this world. We all will not be having any uncompleted works or tasks.

There are so many people around me in my college, who keep on delaying the tasks, assignments, projects. This type of thinking can help us in the present, but is not going to benefit us at all in the upcoming future. This habit is going to deteriorate us.

We all should look beyond this thinking and stay really energized and do our work before the due date. I promise you all that, you all will be feeling the change like I am feeling right now, while writing this blog. Now I do not feel like stopping, and keep on expressing everything I am feeling right now. And friends, it feels really good doing so. Not delaying tasks, and doing them before the prior time. It gives a positive feeling. A feeling of satisfaction.

Try it once. I promise no one of you will be unsatisfied.  What you need to do is, just hold your fist, take a deep breathe and move forward to complete your task. You will see that you do not require or need that “last minute pressure” and that we all are capable of doing our jobs on time. Before the due date! Remember, “A Stitch In Time, Saves Nine.”

Complete your work on time!

“The Sooner, The Better!”

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Stay Positive!

Stop Averting!

Stay Motivated!

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Whatever Happens,Happens For A Reason.


At some point in our lives, we all have had the feeling that something is not right. Well people , you’re not alone. The cringe that we feel that a particular incident or situation should not have occurred and we don’t deserve to face it at all. You’re right we shouldn’t have. But let me tell you an interesting observation that these are the very particular moments that lead you to the best times of your life.

I know you all have come to this blog seeking motivation in all its kinds but little a contemplation and some self-introspection does not do any harm , right? Instead going against all the famous thinkers , I personally advice looking into the past and analyzing what went wrong and where? The main focus being ‘learning and redeeming’ ; not getting lost into your own regretful decisions but instead making a better action plan for what life offers you in the next step.  Let us all according to a popular saying ; just go with the flow , but not forgetting to act and living our lives to the fullest.

And that people , is the motivation mantra for today.

Stay happy.

Stay motivated.


Till the time there is something you have, till the time you are getting everything without struggling, you will never know it’s value. Once you start asking, hoping and wishing for a thing and still you don’t get it, you work hard for it, you continuously keep on craving for that thing. Just keep on working to achieve. You get lost in it. Then is the time when you will realize what changes, what struggles, hardcomings you have gone through. That is not the feeling yet! *break* Let us assume that, You got the stuff, the thing, the dream you were craving and deliberately working for. Well, Good! But that is not the feeling yet! You will still want more. You are not yet at peace with your mind. Are you?

Once you realize after working more and more, that what you need is ultimate source of infinitesimal peace and nothing else. You will stop working and start thinking that what you need is something much more worthy so as to achieve that state of peaceful mind!

Here it comes! Just think what if you fail in achieving your goal? You will be depressed. Won’t you? Now go back to the beginning. And think again, did you work hard? Yes you did! Did you work smart? Yes you did! Did you work well and with a constant legitimate effort? Yes you did! Yet all in vain!! Failing does not matter at all! What matters is all that you have learnt during your working programme. You learnt something new. Something of a much more value and worth that you wouldn’t have learnt whilst achieving your goal! This is ultimate peace! Knowing that what you are capable of. Failing and still not getting depressed or low, because you tried, and it is all that matters.

You won’t ever take it for granted because this is YOUR OWN learning. YOUR OWN lesson. You were YOUR OWN teacher in this process. YOUR OWN mentor. And everything that you learnt was, is and will always be YOUR OWN! 

Stay positive!

Keep Learning!