Hear…What Silence Says!


Bearing with the subjectivity of the topic we can all agree that mostly what silence has to offer, carries a universal lingo. Generally when the hush spreads it shows seriousness or regret. But from my observation I see it as the suppression of words rather than lack of ’em.

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What is it that gets suppressed? Emotion? Yes, to an extent but with that goes into oblivion what could have been said, which could have made all the difference but couldn’t. These supressed words cum silence have such an immense power that could all together destroy or save a relation/job/position or any other context you might find relatable. Such is the power my friends, of this unwanted doledrum that it swallowed countless obstacles- being of prime importance in our lives.

But how can one avoid this grave consequence of ‘the silence’ ? The only way out is to Talk. Find the right person, whom you think is worthy of listening to your inner storms, who will calm them down and most importantly who will understand them. This person if asked, can be anyone from your soul mate to your college mate, from your parents to and of the beings you are close to. And do not judge me my friends but a little dog can also do wonders to your raging hysteria. So hold that person and talk your heart out. Explain them in every possible way how something bothers you. How much you want it to vanish. And how it handicaps all your emotions.

This ‘the talk’ will be the new beginning for you. You will feel free and ethereal. This will be the end of those shackles because as long as you hold onto them they will for sure ruin everything that comes across your path. Encompassing them all beneath your skin to that extent that they shall explode once reached beyond your limit, is not at all a situation to sit and wait upon. That silencing ring you create around you will do more harm than any benefit.


So quit all the gloominess and open that heart of yours. Soak the world with your tears once and after that don’t look back. Focus on yourself. Your well-being, because as long as you keep yourselves healthy, you’ll keep your loved ones happy.

And maybe you might end up making the world a better place.😊👍





This site started as a motivational one but after some deliberations with my co-author we decided to widen the scope of our blog, not only to focus on the motivational aspect of life but also to the various thoughts that cross our mind daily.

Changing the name from “Want some motivation? You seem quite intelligent you just came to the right place.” to “pku TALKS” I will be able to share my thoughts and views on a much wider stance.

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Many of us identify ourselves as not being patient enough or have the calm to wait. But the period of waiting is what generally reflects your true nature.

Success being an important milestone in everyone’s life, hustles people into making frisky decisions,luring them as to not to have the patience to wait for the right moment.

Everyone waits for something in their life. Some wait for money, some for success and some for love.

When people discourage you about being patient and not rushing into seizing opportunities,do not let them lead you off your path. Waiting for something good is nowhere lousy but yes putting all your hopes onto waiting for that something without any effort is not at all lucrative.

A simple saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” So go out there help yourselves, try to make things right and wait for the fruit to bore.

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images“As you sow so shall you reap.” 

Everyone among us must be familiar with this great saying from the Bible. Generally speaking, man is responsible for the consequences of his own actions, but man blames the luck for all the wrong doings in the life but forgets, Fortune favors only the brave. 

The first step that can take you towards greatness is – Accepting that you are the whole sole owner of your own actions. Once a very wise man said, “Nothing can go wrong till the time you don’t make it wrong.” There are no mistakes in life just lessons to be learnt. Let the bygones be bygones. As I mentioned before in LESSONS! what life teaches us.


Now, a farmer sows corn, he cannot expect to reap rice! In the same way, you cannot expect to stand first in the races if you haven’t run at all during the year. Take this example in any context or aspect you want, the result will be the same.

No efforts in the right direction ever go waste. Sooner or later you will get your reward. So, work hard, take responsibilities of your actions, own up to your failures and perform your duty as best as you can–only then will you reap the benefits of your perseverance in the form of success and happiness.

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Good evening(A very late one, from India.) Good morning. Good Afternoon and also Good night to all the people in every corner of the world out there, who are reading this.

The one thing, process, a habit or rather say a word that we all are familiar with is the word PROCRASTINATION.

 Procrastination is the avoidance of a task that needs to be accomplished. Rather than avoidance I will use the word ‘delaying’ that too, intentionally. Almost everyone of us out here and there, has at some point in his/her life has said to himself/herself, “It is no big deal. I will for sure finish this task tomorrow.” or “I know this is very easy. I will do it the very next moment. It will hardly take 20-30 minutes for me to complete it.” Ladies and Gentlemen this habit of yours’, rather ours’ is known as Procrastination in the grammatical world.

I will give you all a very recent example. When i say “very recent” it means like an example or a process which was undergoing a few minutes before i started writing this post out here. And that too this delaying activity of mine was continuing from the past 2 days. Each hour, I used to think of writing the blog but was busy so, as a normal person I also told myself that, “It is no big deal. I will take my laptop and do it the very next hour I get free.” And the result is here. The very next hour is here. At last, I did it.definition-procrastination-e1511893228717.png

I constantly kept on thinking about this topic, this habit, of most of us and the question which I came up with was, Why do we procrastinate?

The answer is quite simple and logical as well. We do so, because this is the natural human tendency that, we do something much better when we have pressure on us. The last moment thing, that last minute habit. That last minute pressure of completing a task forces us to focus much well. It gives an energy boost to complete the task in the remaining period of time. We did our job. We are happy. “ALL’S WELL, THAT ENDS WELL!” 👍😊

Now again rewind everything my friends. You got the task. You started delaying it. You keep on postponing. The last moment arrives and you are having all the energy boost, pressure, focus and everything that you require at that moment. But you do not have time to complete it. Let us ignore the time aspect and, for a second let us say that you completed the work. Excellent! But don’t you see the total amount of risks you have taken in the “I will do it later.” process.

What if one of the thing you are doing goes wrong?, because you are under pressure my friend. Have you ever thought of it? No! Because if we had done it, there would not have been any such “I will do it later.” process. There would not have been any delays in submitting reports, assignments, projects, homework, forms and papers. Everything would have been completed on time.

Somewhere or the other we all are responsible for a lot of mess around us. The dirty streets, the undone works, the projects waiting for a touch of our hands, the assignments out there hoping that someday they will be completed before the due date.

In the end when we are unable to do a specific work on time, we simply blame it on others, we find a reason, an excuse that would for the time being procrastinate” the blame from us and save us.

This is all because, we just focus on the present and never think, What would be the consequences of our habit in the coming future? 

If we start thinking about it once, I promise no one of us is going to promise any sort of work to be done in future. Everything will be done there and then at the very moment we get the task. There will be no delays, no lags, no complaints in this world. We all will not be having any uncompleted works or tasks.

There are so many people around me in my college, who keep on delaying the tasks, assignments, projects. This type of thinking can help us in the present, but is not going to benefit us at all in the upcoming future. This habit is going to deteriorate us.

We all should look beyond this thinking and stay really energized and do our work before the due date. I promise you all that, you all will be feeling the change like I am feeling right now, while writing this blog. Now I do not feel like stopping, and keep on expressing everything I am feeling right now. And friends, it feels really good doing so. Not delaying tasks, and doing them before the prior time. It gives a positive feeling. A feeling of satisfaction.

Try it once. I promise no one of you will be unsatisfied.  What you need to do is, just hold your fist, take a deep breathe and move forward to complete your task. You will see that you do not require or need that “last minute pressure” and that we all are capable of doing our jobs on time. Before the due date! Remember, “A Stitch In Time, Saves Nine.”

Complete your work on time!

“The Sooner, The Better!”

P.S.- I was not averting the blog, just that I am a bit busy studying for my examinations. Really sorry for a late post. Thankyou for taking out time and reading the post. Please follow via email or subscribe so that you do not miss my next post. ☺

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